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Inspired by the idea of taking a healthier diet to the whole world.


Inspire people to eat healthier and tastier by using olive oil.


To bring olive oil to every single place and every single person in the world.


Our values are our backbone. That's what we fight for. What we are proud of. What makes us the Sovena Group.


We usually say that “olive oil runs in our blood”, a manner of speaking of course, but we really live this business like no one else. Despite that, we know that it is a difficult business and that due to its inherent complexity, geographical dispersion, and our ambition, we need to manage every single detail of it with dedication but also rationality that enables us to learn with our mistakes and improve on a daily basis.


A lot of companies are no longer in this and other businesses due to very short term attitude and ambitions. We are here, as in life, to build a long lasting future for ourselves as well as for the next generations and that's why integrity is, for us, vital.


This value guarantees our survival but also our growth in a market where entry barriers are very few and thousands of companies operate already. Our attention to detail guarantees quality on one side but also competitiveness. Our partners recognize us for that and this is one of the reasons why our partnerships withstand the test of time.


Olive oil and vegetable oil are perceived by many as a commodity, but our innovation efforts for both products have proven otherwise. Whether in the product itself or in the packaging, in the production process or even the associated services our group is more and more a synonym of innovation.


A company born in a small country which is today fighting for world leadership of the market, is a company that shows ambition. But our ambition is not only of becoming bigger, but also of becoming better and more integrated regarding management of the value chain. From planting a small olive tree in one of our farmyards to having the olive oil at our consumers' table, we take care of all details, even those that may seem irrelevant, in order to be the best.


Since we work with many partnerships around the world it is vital that we have, both from and with our partners, total trust. We dedicate ourselves to our partnerships as if those companies were 100% ours and that is the key to create the needed trust.


Once more this is a key building block to forming strong relationships, both with our partners as well as with our staff, as it shows total dedication.


Being a truly Glocal company we are intrinsically multicultural. Of the more than 1,000 people working for us, we have people from 4 different continents and more than 15 countries. People of different academic background, of different religions, of different races and even of different sports clubs. And this, for us, is key to guarantee different approaches, insights, life experiences and, above all, diversity of opinions to enable fruitful discussions that make us better on a daily basis.