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The group's activity has also been done with the help of many partners, either to develop specific markets, to enter new business areas or because companies complement each other in their activity.

Our multiculturalism and openness have allowed us to nurture these partnerships over several years, providing clear benefits to all partners.


The company is the biggest retailer in the Spanish market and to the one that registers the highest growth rates. Its commercial policy was focused in the value's chain competitiveness through partnerships with exclusive suppliers, which allowed the company to grow while assuring the highest quality.
This relationship is sustained by a partnership without a time limit and built based on trust and sharing value, strategies, needs and business.

Sovena has maintained a partnership with Mercadona in the vegetable oils and olive oils industries.

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Bunge is one of the two major worldwide players in the vegetable oils and olive oils industries, being represented all over the world and having a wide set of partnerships with Sovena Group.
In the Brazilian market it was the exclusive importer and distributor of the Andorinha olive oil, until November 2015. Sovena España is Bunge's Spanish Delícia olive oil bottler in this market.

Regarding the Russian market, Ideal olive oil is the vegetable oils leading brand in that country and is produced by Sovena España. This partnership may extend to other Eastern countries where Bunge has a strong market position.
The Biodiesel project in Portugal was developed in partnership with Diester, a company of the Bunge Group, and currently the largest European operator in this business area.
Finally, the origin of this close relationship and its most symbolic part is Sovena Oil Seeds Portugal, which has a Façon contract for the refining and extracting of soybean oil, for Bunge's offices in Portugal located in Sovena facilities.

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Logoplaste is a Portuguese group with a significant international exposure and with great ambitious prospects regarding continuous grow. Logoplaste is fully aware of our Group's challenges and it is with this in mind that it has helped us grow.
Logoplaste works with us at Sovena Portugal, Sovena Spain and Sovena U.S.A, as Sulpet, Brenpack and Oliveplaste, respectively.

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Société Maroc Emirates Árabes Unis de Développement is a group established in 1982 by a number of Moroccan companies and a development fund of the United Arab Emirates. After its establishment, the group has developed and diversified its activities through its subsidiaries in different business areas, namely in the Tourism sector, currently having a 6,000 bed capacity in six hotels in the main cities of Morocco; in the Metallurgy sector, with one of the most important companies of lead smelting of the Mediterranean region – SFPZ; in the Building and Civil Engineering sector, with the industrial equipment and public works company, Fénnie Brossette; in the Fishing sector, a socio-economic relevant sector, with the fishing company, UMEP; and, more recently also in the Agriculture sector, with the company SOPROLIVES, created in 2005 with Sovena.
SOMED also has minor holdings in other companies which operate in several sectors of the Moroccan economy.

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A venture capital company founded in 2006 in Valencia. It has been trying to invest mainly in the Food, Consumer Goods and Distribution sectors, with primarily focus region in the the Iberian Peninsula.
At time, its largest investment is Elaia, but it already has interests in juice, broths and soups, pet food and pastas, pastry and bread companies.


IBET, Institute for Experimental and Technological Biology, is the greatest non-profit organisation in the field of biotechnological research in Portugal. Created in 1989 as an institution with activities in the area of R&D directed to the industrial fabric it has as partners and collaborators both public institutions and private companies.
Among its main activities, one should highlight the areas of Basic Research, Applied Research and Laboratorial Space, Technology and Procedures Transfer for the Industry in Pilot Unit Scale which, in aggregate, are an important support tool to the R&D activities for the Agro-food industry, among others, should be emphasised.

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AESBUC, Association for the Catholic University Superior School of Biotechnology, develops part of its activity in a close partnership with the Faculty of Biotechnology (ESB) integrating in its activity a wide technological and scientific knowledge.
ESB was created in 1984 simultaneously with AESBUC and is currently widely recognized, nationally and internationally, for its vast experience in R&D, education and training, biotechnology and in particular in the Agro-food sector. Through its Business Support and Innovation Centre (CINATE) ESB offers a wide range of services from laboratory analysis and new products development to large scale industrial level projects, among others, being therefore a solid foundation for R&D activities for the Agro-food sector in particular.

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AESE is the first Business School in Portugal. It was founded in 1980 by the Association of Higher Enterprise Studies that formed it like the IESE Business School (the postgraduate school in management of the University of Navarra) to give executives the tools and techniques of management, as well as values ​​centered on ethics and humanism, which allow for their continuous personal and professional improvement.

Over the years, we have been developing and consolidating a partnership with AESE in this area of ​​executive training, enabling many of our staff to reinforce leadership, business management and leadership. Training has been ensured by participating in Executive MBA programs or Executive Programs such as PADE, PDE or GAIN.

The importance of continuous improvement of our employees and regular networking among participants in these programs led us to sponsor AESE's "Continuity Sessions" since 2015 and, shortly after, we celebrated a collaboration protocol, becoming one of the Company's Sponsors of AESE to contribute to the consolidation of the training mission and to the future projects of the institution.

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