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We grow much more than seeds and grains. We set to work transforming some of the produce that ensure present and future food sustainability. Vegetable oils are an important source of vitamins and polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, which contribute to a varied and balanced diet and which our body cannot produce by itself.

The health benefits of consuming essential fatty acids are proven: omegas 3 and 6, present in vegetable oils, regulate inflammation and are necessary for cell membranes and skin integrity. And although their health perception has changed in recent times, it can never be overestimated: our oils are 100% natural and have no additives. We extract them from sunflower, corn or peanuts. If consumed in moderation, they also provide the benefit of phytosterols, which help reduce cholesterol.

Production Process:



By monitoring and even anticipating the future of food consumption, we know that our work begins with the purchase of seeds. Only by buying seeds that meet our quality standards can we produce our oils. We have a more positive impact on the planet and its food when we are unloading sunflower, soya and rapeseed into our silos.

Extraction 02


This is where we do what we know best: quality control. Low-fat seeds, such as soya beans, go on to be cleaned, crushed, cooked and rolled, and then extraction begins, a process that uses a solvent to obtain crude oil. In the case of seeds with high-fat content, such as sunflower and rape, the process is similar, but 70% of the crude oil is extracted by mechanical pressing and the rest by solvent extraction.

Refining 03


Our oils undergo a series of purification processes so that they reach millions of kitchens, dishes and people in an ideal condition: - neutralisation removes acidity and phosphates. In the case of sunflower, an extra step is required: winterisation, which prevents the oil from becoming cloudy when it cools down; - washing and bleaching ensure a uniform colour and improved preservation; - deodorisation removes certain tastes and odours; - final filtration allows us to obtain the clear, shiny and pristine look that characterises our oils.



We are specialists in this field where absolute precision and knowledge is required to formulate various oil blends and combine produce in the exact proportions. This is how we guarantee the quality, durability and characteristics that each of our customers has become accustomed to demanding.



You actually can judge our book by its cover. Our oil varieties are packaged in PET or HDPE containers, with sizes ranging from 1 to 25 litres. We then pack these in cardboard boxes, which are grouped together on pallets. In this way, we guarantee the utmost quality of our produce when we send it to the shops, kitchens and people who are going to use it.