Apart from our in-house brands, we also supply olive oil, edible oil and olives to operators in a wide range of geographies, helping them create their own brands. Our in-depth knowledge of the value chain for these foods, as well as our proximity to producers and major customers, means we are able to be the biggest supplier of own-brand olive oils in the world and the biggest packer of own-brand vegetable oils in the Iberian Peninsula.

Our sourcing team directly and continuously monitors the main producing and export markets to guarantee our customers the best olive oils, vegetable oils and olives, in the necessary quantities and at the most competitive prices. These markets include Portugal, Spain, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia and Italy for olive and vegetable oils; and Spain, Egypt, Argentina, Portugal and Greece for the olives.


Aware that our customers' needs and preferences vary depending on the markets and segments, we work hard to get to know them and satisfy them in terms of packaging too. To this end, we pioneer and develop quality packaging; many are created specifically to meet the customers' preferences and requirements, with endless options in terms of materials, formats, capsules and labeling.

Oil packaging
Our oils come in various sizes of packaging – small, medium and large – making them suitable for any type of vendor or market. Customers can choose from PET and PEAD packaging in sizes ranging from 1 to 25 liters. Our bulk oils are packed in large containers, such as Flexitanks, Totes (Ecobulk) and Drums.

Olive oil packaging
We also have a vast portfolio of olive oil packaging, in response to the need for different materials and formats. These range from PET packs of between 1 and 10 liters, to glass bottles holding between 250 ml and 1 liter, as well as cans of between 200 ml and 5 liters and sachets containing just 10 ml.

Olive packaging
We offer an extensive range of olive packaging for retail and catering, including glass jars holding between 100 grams and 1 gallon, cans holding between 110 grams and 5 kilos, and duo-pack plastic sachets of 175 grams. Each of these formats can be used for pitted or unpitted, whole or sliced, green or black olives.



There is a vast line of products available, as well as the ability to create new ones that better answer all markets and segments' needs.

Concerning seed oils, we have formulations of 100% soy, sunflower, corn, peanut and canola, several blends between these oils and, specifically for the foodservice market, high frying performance blends.

Regarding our olive oils, they range from the most accessible to the internationally awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We have products with levels of acidity that range fropm 0.2% to 1% as well as the most diversified organoleptic profiles, including, mild, intense, fruity, spicy, robust and light tasting olive oils. a wide range to satisfy everyone's preferences.

We also have blends of vegetable oils and olive oils, particularly in the American foodservice market. These products are tailor made for our clients and are developed in the desired proportions of seed oils and olive oils to best meet a specific flavor profile for a chef or restaurant's needs.

Regarding olives, we have the most diversified existing range. Green, natural black and oxidized black, brined, whole or stoneless, sliced., a wide portfolio, adapted to the most exigent world consumers.