Business areas


In every market, we batch, package and sell our products, from olive oil and other vegetable oils to olives, vinegar and soap. Our factories are located in Portugal, Spain, the Unites States of America and Tunisia. Apart from the aforementioned factories and our commercial presence in Brazil and Angola, this area is responsible for batching, packing and selling the Sovena products, which supply a wide range of markets.

Production Units:



Sovena is the Portuguese olive oil, vegetable oils and soaps market leader, represented by well known brands in each of the different product areas.

The Group's birthplace.

Sovena is the Portuguese olive oil, vegetable oils and soaps market leader, represented by well known brands in each of the different product areas.

Although it primarily focuses on the Portuguese market, it steadily increased its impact on the Brazilian (olive oil ) and Angolan marketplaces (olive oil, vegetable oil and soaps).

It counts on more than 250 people which results in thousands of years of experience to service our consumers and clients.



The first step outside Portugal.

Sovena Spain is part of Sovena Group, the 2nd largest olive oil group in the world. It leads the domestic joint vegetable oil and olive oil market, and is Spain’s largest exporter of olive oil.

Furthermore, the company has been growing through exports of Olivari and Fontoliva olive oil brands, as well as private labels, to several distribution channels from the USA to South Korea, South Africa and Mexico amongst so many others.



At Sovena Consumer Goods USA, we are the biggest importer of olive oil in the United States, accounting for more than 50% of the private labels sold in the retail market. Previously known as East Coast Olive Oil, the company was founded in 1991 as an importer of olive oil for industry. However, it soon expanded into other sectors, achieving a benchmark position in retail, foodservice and industry in the United States and Canada. Today, it offers these demanding markets a comprehensive range that includes olive oils, other vegetable oils, organic olive oil, high-performance frying vegetable oil, aromatized olive oils, and a complete line of vinegars.

Quality Assurance


Since anything to do with the food industry is an extremely sensitive area, with very demanding standards, and where trustworthiness and safety are hugely important, quality control is ensured on a day-to-day basis by means of an effective policy at every Sovena Group factory and laboratory. 

We are committed to always guaranteeing the best product. To this end, our quality control process begins with our choice of suppliers, whose outstanding quality places them in the top half of the market, and is carried out by means of a continuous and permanent process using cutting edge technology. Every stage in the process is rigorously controlled, from the receipt of the raw materials to the extraction, refining, batch preparation and packing. Various analytical and organoleptic tests are conducted to ensure the safety of the product and the typical characteristics of the brand under production.

Thanks to this approach and our responsible attitude, we have successfully renewed our ISO 9002 certification annually, and passed in the many audits that the major international distribution groups conduct before placing their first orders. These audits include analyzing, re-analyzing and verifying that they can trust our factories, processes, products and policies.

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