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At Oilseeds, we mainly devote our time to the production of vegetable oils. We are fortunate in having a prime location at the entrance to the estuary of the Tagus River, next to Lisbon. This enables large ships to reach us, which is excellent for our logistical competitiveness.

We obtain our raw oils and seeds from Portugal, Spain, the Black Sea countries, Argentina and France, and we mainly supply the Portuguese, Spanish, Angolan and Cape Verdean markets. With the aim of acting in an integrated fashion across the entire value chain of this business area, in Portugal and Spain we supply oil seeds for planting and, after harvesting, we buy seeds to produce and refine the oils.

Production Units:



The Sovena Oilseeds Portugal (previously Tagol) operation has been a cornerstone of our Group's business. The factory devotes its time to extracting and refining sunflower, soybean and colza oils, as well as producing biodiesel. At the factory's port terminal, large quantities of seeds are unloaded for extraction, boats are loaded with flour for animal feed destined for the export markets, and oils are loaded and unloaded.

The oils that we produce at Sovena Oilseeds Portugal are also packed by Sovena, for the purposes of our various brands and to supply industrial customers in Portugal and Spain. The flour resulting from the extraction process is supplied to factories that manufacture animal feed, thereby contributing to food sustainability in Portugal.



If we want to guarantee the raw materials for our activity, we must be close to the main producing markets; this is what we do at Sovena Oilseeds Spain. This is the only way we can ensure the quality of our products and an uninterrupted supply for our factories. With this in mind, we set up a purchasing network in Spain for the main production areas.

Spain is a major producer of sunflowers, and our field team, along with the logistics network, ensures access to production in the most effective and competitive manner. By doing so, we are also helping to make sure that sunflower farming continues to be a good option for the farmers.



“O Decreto-Lei n.º 150/2015, de 5 de Agosto, estabelece as obrigações a cumprir pelos operadores dos estabelecimentos, de modo a prevenir os perigos e a limitar as consequências dos acidentes graves envolvendo substâncias perigosas.

Dando cumprimento ao disposto no n.º 1 do artigo 30.º relativamente à obrigação do Operador em manter disponível ao público de forma permanente, nomeadamente por via eletrónica, a informação constante do anexo VI do Decreto-Lei nº150/2015, a Sovena disponibiliza a seguinte informação:

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