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The world is changing and Sovena is changing with it. We transform without waste and bet on new forces that have a positive impact on the planet. What we grow feeds more than just an industry. As in nature, nothing is wasted. By transforming surplus into resources, we are forging paths that go beyond food.

The use of oilseeds to produce biodiesel has helped us to discover a new path: the path of energy. Today, we have a biodiesel production plant, which allows us to manage the relevance and impact of oilseeds in a fully integrated way, ensuring that everything is transformed and that it all contributes to a greener energy - something that fills us with joy.

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The biofuel we produce from vegetable oils supplies Portuguese petrol stations. We, therefore, reach not only the plates of millions of Portuguese but also the fuel tanks of people seeking a more sustainable way to travel. With this investment in the energy sector, we are contributing to an effective reduction of greenhouse gases and the dependence on fossil fuels, a goal to which Europe is committed. It is another way to contribute to a future based on sustainable realities. And to live up to our commitment.