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We bring the best foods to millions of kitchens. We blend, package and market our products in the four corners of the world. 

We reap much more than the crops we sow. From Portugal to Spain, from the United States to Tunisia, our growth allows us to have an increasing impact, from olive oil to oils, from vinegar to soaps. In Brazil and Angola, we have uncovered paths that go beyond food. 

Production Units:



Our success in impacting the food of the future is a result of sticking to what we know best. On a daily basis, we make sure it is real food that makes its way into each and every home. Outside of Portugal, we are delighted to have arrived in Angola and Brazil.



This was the group's first step outside Portugal.

Here we have the second largest group in the olive oil sector worldwide. It currently leads the joint market for cooking and olive oils in Spain. Besides exporting the Olivari and Soleada brands, we also supply olive oils to distribution brands, from the USA to South Korea, via South Africa, Mexico and dozens of other countries around the world that already recognise the quality of our produce.



With Sovena Consumer Goods USA, we are the largest importer of olive oil in the United States, responsible for over 50% of retail distribution brands. We bring our carefully cultivated produce to the United States and Canada: olive oils and vegetable oils, organic olive oil, high-performance vegetable frying oil, flavoured olive oils and a comprehensive line of vinegars make their way to the homes, kitchens and plates of millions of North Americans.

Quality Assurance


Since the food sector is a delicate area with extremely high standards, where trust and safety are hugely important, quality control is ensured by the daily practice of an effective policy in each Sovena Group industrial unit and laboratory.

Our commitment is to always guarantee the best product. Accordingly, the quality control process begins with the choice of suppliers, whose exceptional quality positions them above the market average, this continuous and ongoing process being undertaken using the most advanced technology. There is rigorous control at each stage of the process, from receipt of the raw material, extraction, refining, batch preparation, and packaging. Various analytical and organoleptic tests are carried out to ensure the safety of the product and the specific characteristics of the brand being produced. This approach and accountability have ensured the annual renewal of ISO 9002 certification and approval in numerous audits carried out by the world's largest distribution groups, which before placing their first orders analyse, re-analyse and confirm that they can trust our factories, processes, products and policies. See the PDF with the Sovena Group Policy.

Group Policy - PDF