Sovena Feeding Futures

Sovena and sustainability

We know that all the people who consume our foods and choose our products have a question: how can we, as consumers, contribute towards making a positive impact on the planet without sacrificing comfort and happiness? And we want to monitor - and even anticipate - the future of food consumption.

We also know that the solution to rebalancing the planet is to rebuild the food cycle. We must bring the land closer to the market, the market closer to the kitchen, the kitchen closer to the plate and the plate closer to the land. That is why we follow nature's example: nothing is wasted in our products. We transform surplus into new resources.

As a result, our projects are sustainable and ensure sustainable futures. We want to bring today's industry closer to tomorrow's markets. We do not just talk about sustainability: we put it into practice in every step of every process. In this way, our impact grows and our relevance increases: we are not defined by what we do today, but by what we want to do tomorrow.

We want to boost the health of people and of the planet

We want to grow beyond what we are today and preserve what we have always done well in order to be more relevant tomorrow. We will continue to produce good food without trickery. After 100 years of growth, it's time to fuel the next 100.

This is why we carry out our activities in a responsible manner, ensuring the latest food safety certifications, applying the best sustainability practices and reinforcing our commitment to research, development and innovation.

That is also why we act in an environmentally responsible fashion, reducing the impact of our activities through the efficient management of energy, waste and by-products.

And finally, it is for this reason that we promote health and nutrition among our people, including those who work with us, so that flavour and health make their way to all dinner tables.

We want to boost the health of people and of the planet