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The deliciously smooth olive oil.

This Portuguese brand was created in 1927, and has been highly successful in the Brazilian market. It brings together more than 85 years of tradition, experience and credibility.
These are characteristics which are reflected daily in the production of the most noble and delicious olive oil. Thanks to its quality, versatility and the attractive design of the packaging, it is today one of the strongest Portuguese brands in Brazil.
Over the years and thanks to a great deal of work, the Andorinha olive oil has not only accumulated experience in producing quality olive oil at our own olive plantation, but has also been accumulating prizes. These are the result of our efforts to offer our customers better and better products.

The brand markets a comprehensive range of products and formats that are perfectly adapted to the needs of the Brazilian consumers. It is also available to the Portuguese communities scattered around the world, particularly in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Macau, East Timor, Poland, Sweden and Germany.

Andorinha Olive Oils. Smooth from start to finish, it goes well with everything.

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