Sovena Feeding Futures

Our Client's brands

We truly live our business and support other operators to take their further. Thus, in addition to our brands, we supply olive oil, cooking oil and olives to operators in the most diverse locations around the globe, supporting them in creating their own brands.

We are the world's largest supplier of olive oil for own brands.

We continue to broaden our knowledge of the entire value chain to generate evolution and differentiation in our processes and services. This knowledge allows us to establish partnerships and relationships of trust in good company, as well as to approach producers and customers. This is the only way we could have got where we have: we are the largest supplier of private label olive oil in the world and the largest packager of private label vegetable oils in the Iberian Peninsula.

Sovena is the largest private label packager of vegetable oils in the iberian peninsula.

We are always attentive to the markets and we never miss an opportunity to grow. The agility with which we respond to challenges allows us to explore new avenues and pursue new opportunities every day. That is how our sourcing team guarantees our customers the best quality olive oils, vegetable oils and olives, in the necessary quantities and at the most competitive prices. We work with Portugal, Spain, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia and Italy for oils; and with Spain, Egypt, Argentina, Portugal and Greece for olives.


The eyes perceive quality too and nobody forgets a first impression. As we are aware that customer needs and preferences vary across markets and segments, we do not repeat formulas. That is why we innovate and develop quality packaging, much of which is tailored to customers' preferences and requirements, with countless options in terms of materials, formats, capsules and labelling.


This market requires us to continually update in order to develop sustainable cycles. We provide small, medium and large formats, suitable for all oils and markets. PET and HDPE packaging from 1 to 25 litres can be found. We package bulk oils in large containers such as Flexitanks, Totes (Ecobulk) and Drums.

Olive Oils

Our roots are in olive oil and we have a huge range of packaging using different materials and formats, with everything from 1 to 10 litre PET containers to 250 ml to 1 litre glass bottles, 200ml to 5 litre cans and 10ml sachets.


Everyone has different preferences, yet it is possible to please everyone: we have an extensive range of olive packaging for retail and catering, including glass containers from 100g to 1 gallon, tins from 110g to 5 kilos and 175g duopack plastic bags. Each of these formats may be packed with black or green, pitted, unpitted or sliced olives.



The way we look at food is always changing and that is why we never give up or stop looking for new avenues. The impact of our food goes far beyond its mere nutritional function: it has an influence on our physical and mental health, it has cultural and social relevance and, above all, it has a huge impact on our planet.

We believe that our purpose is to accelerate global food evolution and we develop all our products with this in mind:

- we have developed oils containing 100% soya, sunflower, corn, peanut and canola; but we have also developed blends to meet various needs, especially high-performance oils.
- we produce oils of all aromas and acidity levels, from the simplest composition to international award-winning extra virgin olive oil. From 0.2º to 1º acidity, with the various organoleptic profiles, we offer oils that are smooth, intense, fruity, spicy and robust.
- We pay particular attention to our impact in places where food requires another type of smoothness and we create blends of vegetable oils and olive oils upon request by customers and in the desired proportions to suit the taste and type of cuisine.
- Our extensive olive grove plantations allow us to grow all kinds of olives: green, black, natural and oxidised, seasoned and in brine, whole, pitted, diced, stuffed... there are no limits to what we send all over the world.