Sovena Feeding Futures


Consolidation in Portugal

19th century - 20th century

Our ambition comes from creation

  • By the hands of Alfredo da Silva CUF - Companhia União Fabril, was born, which became the largest industrial, commercial and financial group in Portugal

20th century

We rolled up our sleeves

  • In the 80s, his heirs got to work and acquired Sociedade Alco, dedicated to the extraction, refining and packaging of edible oils and later, Fábrica Torrejana de Azeites
  • In the 1990s,Alco acquired the total shareholding of Sovena. Later, the Mello family expands the business by acquiring control of Nutrinveste. In 1999, it bought Tagol, an extraction and refining factory for vegetable oils
sovena historia


21st century

We build new paths for food


Acquisition of Agribética assets in Seville, giving rise to Sovena Spain.


Acquisition of Simão & Companhia's assets, materializing the ambition of entering the Brazilian market


Acquisition of 80% of East Coast Olive Oil, the largest importer and packer of olive oil in the USA, giving rise to Sovena USA


Creation of Elaia (2007), as an agricultural project and opening of Lagar do Marmelo (2010)


Acquisition of Moltuandujar (extraction, refining and packaging in Spain)


Creation of Agropro (purchase of seeds and sale of veg oils and flours)


Creation of Sovena Brazil.


Acquisition of a complex in California, to be Sovena's 2nd logistics center and packaging plant in the USA and creation of Sovena Angola


Acquisition of 25% of Soho Comercial; leading olive oil producer in Chile


Creation of Nutrifarms, a new agricultural project, 100% owner of Nutrinveste


Acquisition of Centazzi, a reference in the healthy food market, with more than 500 products


Creation of Sovena Colombia, avocado oil extraction factory, and start of industrial operations at Sovena Angola.

Feeding Futures

Today, we want to continue to grow our way. The way we look at food is changing. Its impact on our health and the health of our planet depends on us. We will continue to do what we know best.

This is our desire, to grow together beyond what we are today. After growing for one century, it’s time to feed the next.