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OLIVARI is one of the most important Sovena brands, making its way across the world in different countries.

A brand standing in the greatest and more emergent markets of the world.

What makes Olivari unique is its passion.

Passion for the land, the origin, devoted to the primary ingredient.

Passion for the process of transformation done with dedication, care, innovation and knowledge.

Passion for the quality, assuring that in every step the best technologies and resources are applied for constant product improvement.

What makes Olivari unique is its passion for olive oil.

An olive oil in the best Mediterranean style: bright, cheerful and colorful

If ever there was an olive oil that reflects its Mediterranean origins, that olive oil is Olivari. Boasting outstanding properties long-since recognized by the peoples of the Mediterranean basin, Olivari olive oil was designed to be part of every meal and to afford its enthusiasts pleasure and longevity. It is a vibrant, natural and fresh olive oil with a delicate, fruity and slightly sweet aroma. It certainly does justice to the generous and healthy profile of the Mediterranean diet.

The international brand was launched in the USA and is today present in various countries, from Europe to the Middle East.

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