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New habits...that involve all of us!

July 1, 2019 | Sovena Group

Last July, Sovena took another step in the journey toward a more sustainable world by providing all its employees in Algés with a “Sovena Bottle”. The new bottle is glass and reusable, which allows each employee to reduce their use of plastic cups, and to bring it along with them wherever they go. This initiative was very well received by our employees, who discovered the gift from Sovena sitting on their desk one morning when they came into work. By the same token, Sovena also replaced large drinking water bottles with filtered water fountains.

These initiatives started in Algés; however, the best solutions will be analysed for each location.

A more sustainable world is just a few small gestures away; when carried out by each of us every day, they will make a difference.

The world is counting on us!