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Aug. 1, 2019 | Sovena Group

Our "Flor de Olivo" brand is increasing its presence in supermarket aisles and in the mind of the Spanish consumer. Currently, it can be found at three of the main Spanish retailers: Carrefour, El Corte Inglés and Condis.

At Carrefour, we have been selling Organic Flor de Olivo for over a year in a 500ml glass bottle, which can be found both in the olive oil and in the organic foods aisles. It is experiencing a very positive reception and shortly we will also enter the market with a 3L bottle.

At El Corte Inglés, we have had a presence since last May with our Extra Virgin 3L and 5L containers.

We started at the Condis chain this September with a promotion on the Virgin Extra 3L container. We hope to achieve excellent results and that the promotion is a success!

Recall that this brand passed into the hands of Sovena some years ago, when the company acquired the Aceites Monteolivo oil press, located at Villanueva de la Reina (Jaén). Until then, Flor de Olivo was sold in large sizes locally in the vicinity of the oil press.

Sovena's strategy focused on updating its image using new design trends, and marketing Flor de Olivo as a premium alternative to the other brands we offer, packaging only Virgin Extra products and focusing on customers looking for a different type of product.

We hope to keep growing at a steady pace with Flor de Olivo!