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We cultivate with conscience.

From the earth to the plate, we believe in the food cycle, and that we can have a greater impact when we control the entire production process of our food.

We rolled up our sleeves to work with sunflowers, peanuts, seeds and grains and along the way, we cultivated much more than that.

We created relationships and partnerships that grew with us and took us far beyond Portugal. These relationships helped us reach the whole world. We have managed to establish ourselves in countries such as Spain, Brazil, the United States, Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East, Morocco and Tunisia. Now, we want to throw our seeds into the wind to reach even further.


Olive groves

For more than 10 years we have specialized in the installation and management of modern irrigated olive groves. We continuously study and test new techniques and production systems to improve the quality of our products and the efficiency in the use of resources.

In partnership with Nutrifarms, the agricultural division of Sovena, the estates and mills are managed with the utmost respect for natural resources and with the most innovative and sustainable techniques to obtain excellent products.

Our entire production process follows the highest standards of quality and control, from the field to the mill. We work to preserve natural resources, especially water, soil, and biodiversity. We explore fields with awareness and respect for nature. We protect and value a natural heritage that we can combine with productive and responsible agriculture.




The almond project started in 2021, with the goal of diversifying our activity and applying our experience and knowledge to other permanent irrigated crops.


We assume a unique and essential commitment: to support, develop and contribute to the sustainable future of sunflowers in the world. That's why we formed a joint venture with Cooperativa ACOR in Spain, and why we became market leaders through AGROPRO.

We believe in proximity and relationships between industry and production. As Spain imports more than it produces, the domestic market can only benefit from this relationship.

We have a Sovena factory in Andújar (Jaén), which is used exclusively for processing sunflowers. We also have the Brenes factory, where the refining process takes place simultaneously with the olive oil.

ACOR owns a mill and refinery in Olmedo (Valladolid), where sunflower and rapeseed seeds are ground and refined.

In addition to being close, we want to help our farmers increase the success of their production. That's why we partner with Syngenta, a leading company in sunflower genetics. Our farmers can access an exclusive catalog of varieties with good, adapted genetics and potential, which eliminates differences in yield and increases harvest profitability, an essential condition for the continuity of production. We provide technical support during the harvest, and we always offer the option to repurchase the product. This way we can ensure that our farmers reap exactly what they planned to sow.

Above all, we have a Purpose, which we state in our signature: Feeding Futures. We make a point of living up to it by continually improving and perfecting the sustainable cultivation of our food. Our Oleoprecisión project was born to combine technology, specific seeders and drones to define the ideal amount of fertilizers and herbicides for more efficient production.

And we harness all existing technological knowledge to enhance the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of sunflower cultivation.

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