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We started our path of transformation here and we don't leave our credits in the hands of others. We believe that good food will always be - and increasingly - valued. We supply seeds for planting oilseeds and buy seeds at the end of the harvest for the production and refining of oils.

Without unnecessary additives, we dedicate ourselves to the production of vegetable oils and continue to do as we have always done: we rely on our privileged location at the entrance to the Tagus estuary, next to Lisbon, to have a positive impact on the distribution and supply of seeds for planting oilseeds in Portugal, Cape Verde, Angola and Spain; and we source crude oils and seeds from Portugal, Spain and the countries of the Black Sea, Argentina or France.

Extraction capacity in Portugal

  • Girassol: 1,350 tons/day
  • Colza:1,200 tons/day
  • Soja: 1,850 tons/day

Extraction capacity in Spain

  • Girassol1:1,350 tons/day

Refining Capacity in Portugal

  • Girassol: 515 tons/day
  • Soja: 606 tons/day
  • Biodiesel: 300 tons/day

Refining Capacity in Spain

4 refinarias1:

  • Óleo: 950 tons/day
  • Azeite: 200 tons/day

01 Portugal

From the former Tagol, Sovena Oilseeds Portugal was born, which has been essential for our growth. The factory is dedicated to the extraction and refining of sunflower, soy and rapeseed oils, as well as the production of biodiesel. At the factory's port terminal, large volumes of seeds are unloaded for extraction, flours for animal feed are loaded onto boats for export markets, and oils are loaded and unloaded.

All foods and oils that Sovena Oilseeds Portugal produces are packaged by Sovena. Thus, we ensure both the quality of our various brands and the supply to industrial customers in Portugal and Spain. The flours resulting from the extraction process are supplied to animal feed production factories, contributing, in turn, to national food sustainability. This is how we feed a new food cycle.


02 Spain


We want to ensure the quality of our food and be close to the food of the future, but we need to ensure the length of our reach. That's what we do at Sovena Oilseeds Spain, which guarantees us the production volume and the constant supply of our manufacturing units. It is also in Spain that we establish our strategic purchasing center.

Spain is a major sunflower producer and our field team, together with the logistics network, guarantee access to production in the most efficient and competitive way. By doing so, we are also contributing to ensuring that the sunflower crop continues to be a good option for farmers.

Quality Assurance


Since the food sector is delicate with extremely high standards, where trust and safety are hugely important, quality control is ensured by the daily practice of an effective policy in each Sovena Group industrial unit and laboratory.

Our commitment is to always guarantee the best product. Accordingly, the quality control process begins with the choice of suppliers, whose exceptional quality positions them above the market average, this continuous and ongoing process uses the most advanced technology. There is strict control at each stage of the process, from receipt of the raw material, extraction, refining, batch preparation, and packaging. Various analytical and organoleptic tests are carried out to ensure the safety of the product and the specific characteristics of the brand being produced. This approach and accountability have ensured the annual renewal of ISO 9002 certification and approval in numerous audits carried out by the world's largest distribution groups, which before placing their first orders analyse, re-analyse and confirm that they can trust our factories, processes, products and policies.

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