Sovena Feeding Futures


We want to grow beyond what we are today and preserve what we have always done well in order to be more relevant tomorrow. We will continue to produce good food without trickery. After 100 years of growth, it's time to fuel the next 100.

This is why we carry out our activities in a responsible manner, ensuring the latest food safety certifications, applying the best sustainability practices and reinforcing our commitment to research, development and innovation.

That is also why we act in an environmentally responsible fashion, reducing the impact of our activities through the efficient management of energy, waste and by-products.

And finally, it is for this reason that we promote health and nutrition among our people, including those who work with us, so that flavour and health make their way to all dinner tables.


Growing with a purpose is feeding futures

Our strategy FEEDING FUTURES FOR A PLANET THAT PROSPERS AND FOR PEOPLE THAT THRIVE, is built on our purpose, and compels Sovena for a constant drive for improvement.

Promote an increasingly diverse and sustainable diet through the quality and innovation of our products, through the use of agriculture that protects nature, and through efficient and circular transformation. Fostering a team of engaged and connected employees, an energized community and informed consumers with diverse diets..

Our latest materiality assessment informed our strategy, that is structured around five commitments and has three key enablers that ensure that we succeed: the highest QUALITY and FOOD SAFETY standards and a strong INNOVATION and DEVELOPMENT culture.


In order to define our priorities, we have reflected about key topics both from internal business vision and external expectations. For this purpose we made an analysis of the main trendsand challenges posed to our society and to the agrifood sector; and we have heard the expectations of our stakeholders.

Through the assessment of stakeholders connection with the company’s activity, as well as the influence and dependence criteria enable us to identify as more relevant: shareholders, board, employees, suppliers, business partners and the banking sector. Risks, opportunities and tension were the context criteria that led us to local communities, social organizations, academia and media. We also consider that consulting thematic specialists, such as sectoral bodies, experts in the environment, health and agriculture grants value to our reflection

We held talks with all these stakeholders and their considerations were analysed and integrated in the strategic reassessment. for more information see 2020 Sustainability Report

OUR 2021-2023 ROADMAP


Commitments Goals Key action KPI Targets
  2021 2022 2023
Produce food in a sustainable way
Contribute to sustainable food production, maintaining soil health, preserving water and biodiversity Improve biodiversity, soil health, water preservation Define and implement the Natural Values Management Plan on the farms (2023-25) Development of the Natural Values Management Plan 30% 60% 100%
Improve biodiversity, soil health, water preservation and responsible use of phytopharmaceuticals Adopt and implement measures in EDIA's "Guide to Good Agro-Environmental Practices" % of the area that complies with at least 50% of the applicable measures 20% 40% 60%
Collaborate with our suppliers to ensure sustainable purchase Sustainable sourcing Sourcing Policy endorsement % suppliers that endorse the Purchasing Policy 50% 90% 100%
Increase the proportion of FSC-certified materials purchased % FSC certified cardboard boxes 40% 50% 55%
Process in an efficient, low carbon and circular way
Reduce the ecological footprint of our activity, through efficiency in the use of natural resources, energy transition and reduction of GHG emissions, promoting the circularity of our by-products and packaging Reduce carbon emissions in 30% Define a plan to guarantee scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction GHG emissions (tons) scope 1 and 2 (with the goal of reducing emissions until reaching the value of carbon sinks (Sovena Olive Groves)
Baseline year: 2020
85,000 70,000 60,000
Transition to green electricity Electricity supply agreement renegotiation + expansion of solar panels installation in our plants % electricity consumed from renewable sources (purchased and produced)
Baseline year: 2020
55% 80% 100%
Improve circularity Incorporation of recycled PET in packaging (Sovena brands) % of recycled PET into packaging
Baseline year: 2019
30% 40% 50%


Commitments Goals Key action KPI Targets
  2021 2022 2023
Foster employee's development and connection
Guarantee the development and well-being of our employees, promoting inclusion and diversit Development Learning Knowledge dissemination Development and training of our people with an increase in the total number of training hours % of increase in the total number of training hours 5% 10% 15%
Promote work life balance EFR Certification (Empresas Familiarmente Responsáveis) - work life balance - Portugal pilot Certification for Portugal (pilot)   100%  
Promote People Wellbeing Employee Assistant Program (social and psychologic support) % of employees with access to the program
Baseline year: 2020
70% 90% 100%
Engage and energize the local ecosystem
Promote initiatives and support projects that foster the local dynamic of the places where Sovena is located Promote social innovation projects Promote and develop Social Innovation Projects in rural areas (Portugal + Spain) Number of municipalities covered 2 3 4
Finance the acceleration of social innovation projects (that foster food security and accessibility) - Project Revoa (Brazil, northeast region) Number of social businesses accelerated 0 6 7
Foster sunflower crop competitiveness Oleoprecision: presentation of the application, promotion of its use and implementation of new modules Number of farmers involved 100 300 500
Encourage informed food choices and diverse diets
Promote trust in our foods and diverse diets Improve employee's awareness on nutrition Nutrition program for employees (consultations + campaigns) % of employees with access to the program
Baseline year: 2020
30% 60% 100%
Disseminate products nutritional information Nutritionists and doctors' program in Brazil Number of contacted professionals 1,310 1,343 1,376