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Here are the latest launches, partnerships, and initiatives from our brands.


Oliveira da Serra recently launched its new advertising campaign under the theme "Together we can do Good for the Earth." This communication reinforced the brand's commitment to sustainability and encouraged consumers to make conscious and responsible choices in their daily lives.

The campaign focused on some of the sustainability "R's": Renew, Reuse, and Recycle, highlighting the active role each person can play in building a more sustainable future. The brand aimed to motivate Portuguese citizens to adopt more sustainable practices while showcasing its initiatives: renewing through the use of 100% green electricity, reusing olive pits to transform into energy at Lagar do Marmelo, and promoting recycling habits with its 100% recyclable packaging that includes recycled plastic.

Official brand pages: Site , Facebook , Instagram and Youtube.


Oliveira da Serra once again teamed up with the Portuguese band D.A.M.A. to reinvent the iconic folk song "Oliveirinha da Serra." This modern and vibrant new version celebrates both tradition and innovation, characteristics of Portuguese music and the brand.

This initiative aimed to strengthen emotional connections with consumers by reinterpreting a song that is part of Portuguese cultural heritage. Promising a contemporary touch while preserving the essence that makes this song a timeless classic, Oliveira da Serra and D.A.M.A. pledged to donate all proceeds from "Oliveirinha da Serra" to a nonprofit organization, reinforcing their commitment to the community and making a difference in many lives.

The special version of the song debuted at the Santos no Tejo Festival during the band's performance and is now available on music streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. The music video for "Oliveirinha da Serra" was filmed at Lagar do Marmelo, a location symbolizing innovation and the quality of Oliveira da Serra olive oil and Portuguese culture.


With the premise 'Throw Monotony Away,' Fula presented its latest advertising campaign, challenging Portuguese people to break routines and unleash creativity by embracing diverse food choices when cooking and planning daily meals.

This new campaign reinforced the brand's positioning, inviting experimentation and culinary creativity, and encouraging the combination of different flavors—a fundamental value for Fula. The brand also planned additional actions to support the campaign's theme, featuring new recipes full of color and different textures on the Fula website and social media platforms. These recipes are practical and can be made with ingredients commonly found at home, catering to anyone, even those who do not consider themselves chefs. Ready to try them?

Official brand pages: Site , Facebook , Instagram and Youtube.

Partnership with Chef Kiko

Chef Kiko, a partner of Fula, appeared on RFM's 6PM and TVI's Dois às 10 programs, sharing quick and simple recipes and encouraging viewers to explore new flavors.

After a day of work, facing the kitchen can be challenging, often leading us to cook the same dishes repeatedly. That's why Fula wants to inspire us to break routines and try new recipes, even with ingredients we commonly have at home.

In addition to promoting culinary diversity, Chef Kiko addressed the importance of recycling Used Cooking Oils (UCO), giving them a second life. He explained how viewers can easily recycle used oil: letting it cool, pouring it into a plastic bottle with a funnel, and then depositing that bottle at the nearest collection point (which can be found on the Fula website). This practice not only helps preserve the environment but also contributes to the production of biodiesel, soaps, candles, detergents, and other useful products.

To learn more about recycling UCO and the importance of this sustainable gesture, watch the explanatory video. This effort by Fula aims not only to encourage more creative and diverse cooking but also to promote environmental awareness among consumers, demonstrating how small actions can make a big difference.

Promotion: Fly with Andorinha

To celebrate the spirit of Easter, Andorinha launched a very special promotion where consumers had the chance to win a trip to Portugal with a companion, fully paid, to visit the Portuguese capital. Additionally, winners could plant their own olive tree and observe closely the entire harvesting and olive oil production process at Andorinha. They also had weekly chances to win a year's supply of free olive oil.

This initiative resulted in over 44,000 registrations, 29,000 products sold, impacting 44 million people through the internet and 97 million through television.

Launch of OLI at the APAS fair

Andorinha olive oil made another appearance at APAS SHOW 2024, with a booth full of novelties and interactive experiences for the public. The event took place from May 13 to 16 in São Paulo, featuring an exclusive space for the brand. Visitors could taste the entire Andorinha portfolio and receive educational guidance on the differences and harmonizations of the three main attributes of olive oil, as well as detailed explanations of the production process and supply chain control.

The standout feature of the booth was OLI, one of the brand's special launches at the event. This unique product in the Brazilian market allows for creating various olive oil blends from three distinct oils with different intensities. During the event, participants could develop unique creations through an exclusive DIY activation.

In addition to these innovations, the brand also presented other products such as Balsamic Vinegar, Andorinha Extra Virgin Olive Oil Discovering Olive Oil, designed to introduce olive oil into children's diets; Andorinha Extra Virgin Olive Oil Creations from Brazil, a 100% national product made in partnership with Brazilian producer Ouro de Sant'ana; Andorinha Extra Virgin Olive Oil Revoa Project, the only olive oil on the market where 100% of profits go to social businesses; and Andorinha Extra Virgin Olive Oil First Harvest, the freshest oil in the portfolio, made from the first olives harvested in the season.

APAS SHOW is recognized as the largest food and beverage event in the Americas and the world's largest supermarket trade show, offering relevant products for the sector from technology and innovation to logistics, finance, infrastructure, equipment, and more.