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Stories and curiosities of our People

In life, everything is about attitude: the art of pastry as an expression of strength and optimism.

Maria Martin-More
Bulk Logistics Administrator at the Andújar Factory

After living for a long time in La Rioja and Murcia, even managing an educational farm for years, Maria returned to Andújar and has been working in Bulk Logistics Administration at the local factory since 2022.

Mother of 3 children, she is an example of strength and spreads her optimism to those around her. After overcoming a serious illness, Maria faces life with admirable positivity. "You can even learn from the bad, and this illness taught me the true value of things, to appreciate the small details, and to live life as if there were no tomorrow," she tells us.

She loves pastry making and, for several years now, has dedicated her spare time to preparing cookies, cakes, and sweet tables for weddings, communions, and corporate events. She is very perfectionist and crafts each cookie with care, paying attention to every detail. "I started a long time ago, for my oldest son's birthdays, who is now 20. I used to prepare themed parties, like space and dinosaurs... At that time, hardly anyone was doing these things. Gradually, I started accepting orders from acquaintances, and it reached a point where I made a living from it, even shipping orders to countries like Belgium, Ireland, and Greece. Now I have less time and only take on orders I can manage."

She acknowledges that, despite loving what she does, it can be stressful at times. "Recently, someone asked me for a cake overnight for 150 people! I was cooking until 5 in the morning, but it's always rewarding to see that people value the work and appreciate my cakes and cookies."

In life, everything is about attitude, and Maria is a prime example of that. Although she still has some lingering effects that require treatment and doctor visits, she greatly appreciates the empathy from her supervisor and colleagues. "I value the messages of encouragement a lot, knowing they are always there to support me. Despite being here for only 2 years, I feel them as part of my family."