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Statement from the Sovena Group

With the awareness that we, as suppliers of essential goods, are a vital company for the society, the Sovena Group is focused on bringing olive oil and cooking oil to consumers, so that in this difficult moment, nothing is missing for all those who count on our products throughout the world.

For this, we are working with the utmost rigor, in order to minimize risks and preserve the safety of all our employees and families. The Group has been implementing and sharing with all its Production Units and Offices, guidelines and measures to be implemented, in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

In this unique context, I am confident in everyone's work and I know that if we do our best now, we will soon be back to normal. For this, partners and consumers can count on our total availability, professionalism and dedication. We are strengthening our activity to meet the temporary increase in the demand.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the huge effort that all Sovena employees and partners are doing to make everything work in the best possible way. And it is with great pride and satisfaction that I note in these critical moments our unique ability as individuals and as a team, to organize and work together, to make things happen.

I trust in everyone's work and commitment to keep this value chain intact with the world standing.

Jorge de Melo

CEO Sovena


We believe we can make a difference in people's lives and that is why we take our products seriously. We control their quality at every moment, bringing the land closer to the market, the market closer to the kitchen, the kitchen closer to the plate, and the plate closer to the land.

We live through our business and believe that to reinvent it is not necessary to invent. We sow, nurture, harvest, transform and distribute, feeding much more than an industry.

After growing for one century, its time to feed the next.


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We are Conscientious Cultivators. From land to plate, we believe in the food cycle.



We bring the best foods to millions of kitchens. We blend, package and market our products in the four corners of the earth.



Our origins accompany us. From seeds to vegetable oils, we want to be part of the food of the future.



The world is changing and Sovena is changing with it. We transform without waste and bet on new forces that have a positive impact on the planet.



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